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Alexx Caceres of East New York Farms

The 209th recipient is Alexx Caceres @art.daddy (they/them) of East New York Farms @enyfarms in Brooklyn, NY.

Alexx writes, “I was born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn. I began my involvement with Food justice and Farming as a means of connecting with the land and my Indigenous ancestors. I remember growing up in East New York experiencing food apartheid and wanting to do something about it. Now I enjoy growing food for my community as a means to defeat food insecurity and promote food justice for all. I currently work as the Farm manager at East New York Farms and feel proud to be giving back culturally relevant foods to the community. I enjoy working with the youth by teaching them about their relationship with the land and the universe. Self-care to me looks like moving my body in many forms by farming and going to the gym. I also practice gratitude and self-awareness which promotes self-care.”


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