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Aishah Lurry of Patagonia Flower Farms

Our 117th Real Farmer Care recipient is Aishah Lurry of Patagonia Flower Farms @patagoniaflowerfarm in Patagonia, AZ.

Aishah writes, “As the founder and CEO of Patagonia Flower Farms, I am an artistic florist who combines my love for water-wise and organic farming techniques to produce affordable, healthy, and fresh-cut flowers. As a gardener who began my flower farming career in 2017, I started my micro-farm on my home property after getting tired of driving 20 miles out of town to buy overpriced and imported flowers that I didn’t like. By merging my expertise and knowledge of crop planning, propagation, harvesting, drying, and arranging, I was able to turn my beloved hobby into a thriving business that celebrates eco-consciousness and the local economy.”


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